Registered highlines with a ground height of 40 m or more must always be signalled.

The signalling can be summarised as follows:

  • Up to 100 m ground level: anchor signalling balls (orange inflatable balls with a diameter >0,6 m)
  • From 100 m ground level: In addition to anchor signalling, signalling rope with windsocks (maximum distance = 100 m, minimum 3 pieces).
  • If highlines remain suspended at height overnight, they must be made recognisable to air traffic by infrared lamps, as rescue helicopters and the military also fly at night with night vision equipment. (Maximum distance between the lamps = 200 metres, minimum 2 lamps).
A highline with a ground height of more than 100m: In addition to anchor signalling, signalling rope with windsocks

Borrowing signalling material

Swiss Highline lends its members signalling material free of charge (the duration is limited to the minimum to have enough material for all projects). One-way postage is covered by Swiss Highline; you are responsible for the return postage.

Material depots exist in Zurich, Bern, Lausanne and Sion. Ropes, winch bags, anchor signalling balls and infrared lamps, winches, taglines, etc. are available (varying distribution). Reservation is required, first reserved – first served! 

Contact Anita Jost for the reservation of signalling material (anchor buoys, infrared lamps, ropes, windsocks, winches, taglines):
079 787 66 63,

For Zurich: Nina Mappes (Ankerbojen):
076 720 76 34,