Swiss Highline organises the ISA RIGGER Certification in cooperation with the International Slackline Association (ISA). This certification is aimed at highline riggers for commercial and organisational activities (shows, festivals, etc.).

Swiss Highline works closely with theISA commissions and provides delegated persons.

Exercise of a rescue at the ISA Rigger Certification in Bern, 2019

In Switzerland, Swiss Highline also organises the following training courses:

Swiss Highline Workshops
Experienced and certified highliners pass on the latest knowledge to highline beginners.

Swiss Highline Meeting
This is where the Swiss highline scene meets 1–2 times a year.

The event dates are announced on Facebook and on the calendar.

Swiss Highline Workshop on the Gotthard Pass

The aim of these events is to share knowledge and build a safety-conscious highline community.

Recommendations about highlining
We provide various recommendations about highlining and safety related topics.